As to Cana you draw nigh,
two souls joined till one shall die,
may you gracious vessels be,
poor in all but He gives thee.

All thy lacking may He fill,
as at that first miracle--
water meager turned to wine,
human frailty to divine.

When the store of patience fails
and from a grievance each one ails,
let His virtue manifest
and every grievance lay to rest.

When you feel that naught remains
and love is changed to dying flames,
see Him work a marvel rare
and quicken fire from empty air.

 At every moment of thy need,
a mother's intercession plead.
May each of those needs be among
the prayers she takes before her Son.

Days when weariness and care
upon thy mind and body wear,
I pray a faithful servant stands
to hear and follow Christ's commands.

Through that attentive, willing soul,
the power of God I pray to flow,
and with His strength thy life revive--
the choicest drink to last imbibe.

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